Build Cloud Native Applications
Directly Inside the Cloud

With a DevSpace, you can build, test and run your code
directly inside any Kubernetes cluster. While you keep
coding with your favorite IDE, the DevSpace CLI will
connect your local workspace with the cloud.

A DevSpace makes it easy to build scalable software with Docker and Kubernetes.

Container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes make it easy to deploy and scale applications in the cloud. And the DevSpace CLI is the first cloud native development tool that makes the development of container-based software easier and faster than ever before.

Write code with your favorite editor, but build and run it in the cloud.

With a single command, you can start a DevSpace for any of your projects. Keep coding as usual and the DevSpace CLI will sync any code change directly into the containers of your DevSpace.

  • Real-Time Code Synchronization
    for iterating faster without rebuilding images
  • Terminal Proxy Connection
    for running remote commands
  • Port Forwarding
    for easy debugging
Move your dev runtime
to the cloud.
To start a DevSpace and to connect your local workspace, you need the command line tool called DevSpace CLI.
Ready to get started?
Install the DevSpace CLI.
The DevSpace CLI works with every editor.
< we truly open source />
Together with a community of Kubernetes enthusiasts, we are commited to build
the best open source tooling for cloud native software development.
What is a DevSpace?

A DevSpace is a cloud native workspace that lets you build, test and run code directly inside any Kubernetes cluster.

What is the DevSpace CLI?

The DevSpace CLI is an open-source, command-line tool that allows you to create DevSpaces and connect them with your local workspace.

What is the DevSpace Cloud?

The DevSpace Cloud lets you easily create and manage hosted DevSpaces without the need to maintain your own Kubernetes cluster.

Do I need Docker or Kubernetes to use a DevSpace?

No! We recommend installing Docker but it is not required. If you do not have a Kubernetes cluster, simply use the DevSpace Cloud.

Is the DevSpace CLI completly free and open source?

Yes! You can find the source code on GitHub. The tool is free to use in any private and even in commercial projects.

How much does the DevSpace Cloud cost?

The DevSpace Cloud allows you to create
1 DevSpace for free. Any additional DevSpace will cost $10 / month.